Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 DEMO

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 DEMO

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is this year's PES demo
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is this year's PES demo. PES 2010 is a very well-known soccer game for PC, PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360. The demo allows you to play with quite a few teams on one stadium and for only 5 minutes per half. The available teams are: FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. All these teams have their current squads available (up to the moment the demo was released).

Graphically, Konami did a great job of creating player characters. The faces are represented in great detail and some look just like their real-life counterparts. The pitch and the stadium do still need a lot of work, however. Those aspects of the game have not really been considered by Konami, and in my opinion, they make a world of difference.

Gameplay-wise, Pro Evolution Soccer has become a rather arcade-like game in the past two releases. I used to play the game back when PES 5 was the bomb. And now, I can't stand how unrealistic some of the gameplay looks. Players run like they are in some sort of zombie trance. Usually the player's movement is portrayed quite realistically, but at times, they kick the ball in weird ways, resulting in physically impossible crosses and shots at goal. The goalkeepers also tend to act dumb at times.

When played on high difficulty the game makes it really hard to score, which is great. All in all, there is no arguing with PES hardcore fans about the defects of this game, so I won't try. But realistically, the game has a lot to improve if it wants to keep up with the leading soccer game. If you want to download PES 10 Demo from the official fan website, you have to register for an account there. It is free. If not, there are plenty other sites where you can get it from without registering.

José Fernández
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Discontinued by the developer.

Review summary


  • It can get challenging
  • It has a huge player base


  • Instances of physical impossibilities
  • Weak stadium design
  • Weak animations
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